branding design
graphic designer

A gif of showing the construction of Never Summer's new logo.

Never Summer is a well-known company that designs and creates different types of boards with the best quality. They have been creating snowboards, longboards, and wakeboards since 1991. The mandate was to create a simple and modern branding system that will attract a wider age range of clients. 


Because Never Summer’s current logo is very confusing, I decided to take a more simple, and clean approach. Their new logo is purely based on typography with some parts of letters cropped to create a stroke effect. This effect represents the lines in the snow left behind when one is snowboarding or skiing. To represent the nature of snowboarding which is fun and full of energy, I used the orange color. I used this color on the word “never” to indicate how strong a word it is. It communicates fun and a lot of attitude. To illustrate the opposite of summer, I used the dark blue color on “summer,” to represent winter. 


In the end, I designed a modern, clean and balanced logo with a bit of asymmetry to it. The design is very graphically interesting and simple and should attract a wider audience range. The typography approach of this new logo allows for endless adaptation possibilities.