music for installation
album cover poster
graphic designer


The mandate was to create a music poster for Brian Eno’s new album called Music for Installation. The poster and related promotional materials were to be targeted towards anyone looking for soft, relaxing, new-age music. 


When I first listened to Brian Eno’s album, I found myself relaxed and calm. I felt like I was floating around in a peaceful universe. This music also made me think of pastel colors. I wanted this album cover to convey these emotions, so I created a poster using organic shapes filled with pastel color gradients. The background was black with stars representing space. The font is soft sans serif representing a soft tone of voice, like the music. 


In the end, the graphics of this poster communicate the emotions I wanted to express. The organic shapes make the poster dynamic and graphically interesting. The soft tone of colors with a black background create the impression of space and a sense of relief.