oceans day
graphic designer


For this project, I had to design a poster for Ocean Day to raise awareness about the planet’s largest natural habitat. World’s Ocean Day takes place every year on June 8 and its purpose is to inform the public on how our everyday actions impact the ocean.


I’ve always been interested in the ocean and how we are unfortunately destroying its marine life by throwing our waste and plastic in it. My first instinct was to use an image of planet earth to communicate the importance of the ocean, but this approach has been overused in the past, making it less impactful. To make the image more memorable and unique, I decided to take an abstract photography approach. While reflecting on the issue, I found the perfect picture when I was preparing something in my kitchen. The image I chose was a dried watermark on a pasta pot lid which, with the right colors and some imagination, could represent an ocean. With my camera, I zoomed-in to capture the image and played with different colors until the watermark resembled the earth and its oceans. The different blue colors symbolize the Ocean’s water.


The end result was amazing. The abstract picture represented the earth and ocean very clearly. The visual and its colors made this poster very dynamic and impactful. When displayed in a metro or similar venue, it attracts the viewers’ eyes and raises awareness of this important day.