divine essence seasonal mail kit 
packaging design
graphic designer


The goal of this project was to create a packaging box for Divine Essence. Divine Essence is a Montreal-based essential oil company that was looking for a packaging solution for their new fall kit targeted at students. This kit was meant to alleviate anxiety, stress, and insomnia. The challenge was to create packaging with as few materials as possible in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. 


The target audience for this kit is students and is meant to help them experience a smooth, stress-free semester. With this objective in mind, I designed my labels and packaging accordingly. Instead of writing the name of the product in big letters, I posed a question instead, engaging the client right away. The colors I used also relate to the feeling of the words. For the box itself, I decided to divide it into six different compartments making it look and feel like an organized medicine cabinet, giving it a touch of organization.


The outcome of the packaging box is very functional, one can use it as their little cabinet rather than throwing it away. My approach to product labels also relates to its function. For example, I drew wavy lines on the air freshener to show the transmission of odor, and I placed concentric circles on the green tea to represent concentration, like a bullseye. Also, if one is looking for more information on the benefits of each product, they can find it on the instruction cards. Overall, Divine Essence’s new kit is environmentally friendly and can be reuse for other purposes.