game design
2d & 3d
graphic designer


The goal of this project was to create a paper-based 3D interactive game that represents a typographic movement called Swiss Punk or New Wave Movement. This movement emerged in the 1970s in defiance of the strict, grid-based Swiss Style. 


The purpose of this movement was to express emotions through type while playing with a variety of typefaces, weights, and kerning settings. My approach was to use a very structured object and turn it into an interesting shape that would define its original shape. In order to do this, I used a mirror cube and turned it into a more disorganized, creative, and unconventional cube. The initial shape of the game is a cube with unorganized pictures. However, the cube shape morphs into an irregular form when the user completes the images on the different faces on the mirror cube. This morphing redefines the traditional cube shape just like New wave redefines the traditional grid system. Given Wolfgang Weingart’s role as the father of this movement, I named my game the Wolfgang Cube.


The photography by Dan Friedman worked out perfectly because it has six parts which wraps perfectly around a cube. A few touches of colors around the cube make the whole cube look modern and very dynamic. The mixture of typefaces and weights in the photograph also create a different emotional tableau on each surface of the cube, playfully illustrating the idea behind the New Wave movement. The design and colors make the cube cohesive even with irregular shapes and disorganized pictures.